Audrey grew up loving art. Since the age of five she has loved animals and has been inspired by their form. For her, an animal’s beauty begins in the eye and flows from there … to the body where their anatomy is revealed, to their shadows, which hint at their life force.

Audrey is primarily self taught. She constantly studies art and other artists she admires and believes in letting her own intuition guide her through her creativity and visions. Her favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Beatrix Potter.

She hopes that her art will show her audience the beauty of an animal's life. She loves to bring her animals into color forms with gold leaf, silver, and copper.

Artist’s Statement

I like to say that art founded me so that I can put all my emotions, visions, and colors on a canvas or paper.

What I love about painting is how it doesn’t have to be painted the same way the object looks but the way I vision it.

I love the idea of creating something that nobody else hasn’t created yet and I love to watch how my audience connects through my paintings in their own insights.

Audrey Summers Smith